Tempest – Horse Art (2014)

Firey Horse edited

Title: Tempest

24×24 Acrylics

I have sketched this horse repeatedly over the years and I have also painted it but my style has matured and I wanted to produce an updated version. And here it is. The contrasting vibrant colours. The tone of the colours change depending on how the light hits this painting, it can look dark and stormy in the evenings and in bright daylight it can be stunningly vibrant. I am very happy with this piece so it is time to work on another one.

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Vancouver Sails Painting (2013)








This is a painting I have been working on and I am almost complete. I need to change the water, I have repainted it over and over and I think I have finally got it to a stage that I like, it doesn’t look like what is on here but it is not far off. You can read more about it here.

Dimensions and price will be updated soon.

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Exhibition in Hampshire (2011)

show in liss 2011

This month, October my work is being exhibited at Liss Triangle Centre, Hampshire, UK. Liss is in Hampshire in a village close to the Downs and is about an hours commute into London.

 Most of the work exhibited are paintings or photographs produced by retirees and some are professional artists.  My work is far more contemporary and as one artist put it, she loves it but thought it best suited in London. She has a point because the traditional style of the retirees made my work stand out from the crowd. In London that would be a good thing but in a village with an aging population my work doesn’t suit the locals tastes. I am OK with that, I have learnt from it meaning I need to market my work to a younger crowd with contemporary tastes like in the city.

It was a fun experience and I had a chance to network. Now, where will my next exhibit be?

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The Sails in Vancouver (2009) SOLD

10×10 acrylics on canvas.

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Roses (2011) (SOLD)

11×14 canvas board, acrylic painting. (Unframed)


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Flowers floating (2007)

Acrylic painting (SOLD)

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Mini Pear (2007)

Acrylic on board 4×6 (SOLD)

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