About the Artist

Oct 2014 new hair doI have exhibited my work in North America and in Europe. I enjoy using bright colours in my work. My art is not pretentious nor thought provoking and I have no clever words to describe my work. It is what it is.

Originally from the Midlands (England) I was brought up in the centre of the pottery industry.  You may notice some of my paintings make reference to this. I studied at Burslem Art College where some of the great pottery designers began but I made the decision that living as a starving artist was not the path for me (not at that time at least) and I went to University to study business.

Entering the business world I worked in varied positions, I started out working at riding stables in exchange for riding lessons as a young girl; I have been working on a number of horse paintings. Realising there was little money to be made working on horse yards I began working in retail and eventually moved into corporate positions. My career plans never transpired. I have no regrets, I have been fortunate enough to work for some big named companies and worked with some brilliant people.

Now in British Columbia, I have met some fantastic people including an up and coming artist, Laura Zerebeski, whom I have no doubt will become famous, at least in North America.  Not only has Laura inspired me but other artists that have influenced my style of work are Emily Carr, Fred Peters and David Hockney.

I hope you enjoy my work and if interested be sure to contact me to purchase any items of interest or commissions.


2 Responses to About the Artist

  1. Hi stephanie, I saw your work on Linkedin. I’m a former CNN producer turned fine artist. I just started my second art gallery for emerging artists..I think your work would fit wonderfully with the group! and i give tips for climbing the ladder of the art world!

    christine sharp curator/artist

  2. Thank you. I will certainly take a look.

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