Painting Evolution

I don’t normally do a blog post on this site but I am making an exception. I feel I need to explain further into my work and how it is developing.

You may have noticed that I am working on a horse series. Since starting the project last year I noticed there was something lacking, I liked them but it wasn’t ‘popping’ out at me. As I was working on my Midnight  painting last week,  I focused on the eyes, adding more detail, light and depth. I discovered that the eyes made a huge difference to my work, it leapt out adding personality and almost human-like quality. I had steered away from doing anything more than blocking them with an eye colour and adding a white splodge because it was easy but taking that short cut wasn’t working.

Yesterday I revisited my older horse paintings and started to change the eye shape, adding more shading and the pictures began to evolve into something more.

These past few days not only has my art started to change and evolve I have been making more changes to this site since there was some information that was out of date. I feel this year has started off positively and I am thrilled with how my project is progressing.


About stephmatthews

I love painting, I like to use lots of colour I also like to drink coffee and read books and being outdoors.
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